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  • The Way of the heartist

    The new paradigm for human connection

    We live in a world where we believe we must go and take to serve the self. We take this attitude and become separate, self-serving machines. We neglect concern over the well-being of others unless it serves us too. We feel we need to force and control outcomes in order to survive. This stems from all sorts of societal conditioning such as government, mainstream media, family, peer groups. And through this we default to the actions perceived by survival and motivated by fear.


    Social Heartistry is a social movement that navigates people out of a mental prison and into the heart space. From this place of heart-centred awareness we no longer see the world as separate, cold objects that need to be manipulated and controlled in our favour. Instead, we come from the heart of a child - who sees everything with child-like curiosity and wonder and wants to co-create with the world. Full of unconditionality.

    Healing the dating world first

    Social Heartistry started within the dating community first, more specifically the men's seduction community. This is because this community is an expression of the problems systemic of society and its acquisition mentality - it holds men in their unresolved pain and trauma and offers them the quick fix solution, much like offering heroin to a heroin addict. Once the message of Social Heartistry has been fully infused within this dating community and empowering men to come from a place of co-creation and wellbeing, it will then move onto other communities such as schools, corporations, prisons and so forth. As each community is positively effected, each acts as positive organs of change for the greater whole.


  • THE big mission

    To bring people and society together again through facilitating healing the heart and teaching unconditional human relating.

  • Improve your dating life

    John's story infiltrating the men's seduction community and healing it from within. Creating a platform for self-love, unconditional relating and a healthy masculine.

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